Englands Declan James joins Eye

The Dark Knight - Declan James

Rising English talent Declan James, a 2018 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal winner and member of England’s Silver Medal winning team at the World Team Championships, has signed a three-year agreement with Eye Rackets that will see him wear the latest S-Line shoes.

One of the most promising players to come through the English system in recent years, James - the national number three and current World No.23 - has joined the likes of Karim Abdel Gawad, Paul Coll and Mazen Hesham as the latest charismatic Eye Team signing.

“For years now the squash world has needed a brand to come in and freshen things up, and bring some life and style into the game,” said James.

“Eye has done just that. I pride myself in my appearance and believe that if you look good, you feel good. Eye’s products have brought colour and individuality to the court.

“The colourways of the S line shoe are a wicked statement and that excites me every time I lace up my boots.

“Aesthetics aside, the shoes are great quality - super durable, and very comfortable. So really it was a no brainer for me to come on board. I like the vision that Eye have, the way they promote their team, and that they aren’t afraid to shake things up.

“If our game is to progress in the spotlight and get the attention it deserves, you have to look at all areas, and the marketability and appearance of the players is crucial to that. My goal is to enjoy a long term partnership with Eye whereby we can innovate together and get people excited about playing the game.”

Eye Rackets Ambassador Joey Barrington said: “We’re delighted that Declan has joined the Eye Team - he has a terrific temperament on and off court and is one of the most promising, and fashionable, players coming through, making him the perfect fit for Eye Rackets.

“England’s Golden Generation are reaching the latter stages of their careers and I feel certain that Declan will very soon be the standard-bearer for British squash.

“He has a tremendous game and a mature approach and we look forward to watching him fly up the rankings over the coming few years as he continues to establish himself as a contender at the very top of the game.”

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