Q. How do I return or exchange items bought from the Store?

A. For orders from our store please visit the returns portal here.

Q. How are your rackets strung in the factory?

A. Our rackets come pre-strung with a high quality multifilament string, with a tension of approximately 24-26 lbs.  They are good to go straight off the shelf!

Q. How do the S.Line shoes size compared to other brands?

A. Our shoes are very neat fitting and so if you are in any doubt, best to take a size up.  There is also a size guide on the product pages that show size in CMs if in any doubt.

Q. Do you sponsor players and coaches?

A. Yes we do, and if you would like to apply, then please do so here: https://eyerackets.com/pages/sponsorship

Q. How do I enquire about becoming a reseller or a regional distributor?

A. If you would like to be considered for local reselling or regional distribution please do so here: https://eyerackets.com/pages/sales-distribution